What I Wore- Keepin’ It (Business) Casual (With a Bonus DIY)

I’ve never really been one to rock business attire, and as I work remotely, there is hardly ever an occasion for it. That said, I fell in love with a Blazer from Eloquii, and I couldn’t resist, especially when it went on sale.

I paired this vibrant, floral blazer with the Eloquii Puff Sleeve Blouse with Ruffles, and dressed it all down with my go-to jeans and flats. I turned up the volume a bit with my Flirt Alert Matte Lip Lacquer from Jamberry, and some DIY Tassel earrings. 

Many thanks to @denisemarieko for the above photos! 


DIY Tassel Earrings

What you’ll need: 

• Embroidery floss   • Thick metallic floss OR thin wire   • Scissors   • Earring hooks and Eye pins   • Needle-nose pliers

Step 1:

Cut your skein of embroidery floss in half, using the loops at the end of the skein as a quick and easy guide. You’ll be left with two halves (I know that’s rather obvious) of long strands of mostly equal lengths.

Step 2:

Fold one skein half section in half, then in half a second time.

Tip: To make your life easier, I would avoid cutting anything at this point- it will make the next steps more difficult.


Step 3:

Cut a good length of your thick metallic floss or thin wire. Wrap it around the top of your tassel as many times as you can, and be sure to tie it off several times and cut the excess floss or wire.

Tip: If using thick floss, I recommend taking only one strand of the floss so it isn’t too thick when you wrap it.


Step 4:

Cut through the loops at the bottom of your tassel to to release full-blown tassel mode. Be sure to even out the ends as best you can as necessary. 

Step 5:

Stack your tassel(s) on the eye pin with the eye at the base of the tassel to act as a stopper. You can then bend and cut any access at the top, being sure to create and secure a loop so you can secure it to the eye on the earring hook.


Congrats! You’ve got yourself a pair of tassel earrings!


What I Wore- Keepin’ It (Business) Casual (With a Bonus DIY)

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