Nia Jax- Redefining The Role Model

Growing up in small town New Hampshire in the 80’s and 90’s, having an older brother, and being a born performer, I was so drawn to the dramatic, sequin-lined, action-packed world of the (then WWF) now WWE. Yes, professional wrestling entertainment ruled in our house.

As a little girl, I could just imagine myself ringside with some burly dude in a neon costume, cheering him on, and enjoying a sliver of his limelight. Sure, women were already blowing up professional wrestling at the time, but it was the valets that got to be front…ish for the exciting main events. And even at an early age, I was convinced I would need to become rail thin (and possibly blonde, depending on the world’s take on brunettes by the time I was old enough to get the job) to make it ringside.

Fast forward to today’s WWE. The Diva division is gone, and has made way for a more respected Women’s title, and the Women’s division is about to have the first ever, Women’s Royal Rumble match (I cried when it was announced because it was long over-due)! This is major. There is also more diversity in the WWE, and specifically in the Women’s division, that we haven’t seen before.


*Cue Nia Jax*


Nia Jax is a kick-ass female wrestler. She comes from a long line of famous wrestlers, all of whom I refuse to list here because she deserves her own praise and to not be in anyone’s shadow. I’m so thankful kids today (and my own grown self) have Nia to look up to. She is stunning, talented, bad-ass, intelligent, funny, and strong as all hell. She doesn’t fit the typical female wrestler mold, and thank goodness for that! Ms. Jax takes on all the haters with grace, and also just by continuing to be amazing. She is proof-positive that if you bust your hump and fight for something, you can achieve it. Hell, you can even have your own action figure!

So… Nia, thank you for kicking butt, being amazing, and showing everyone that being different is everyone’s best asset. Cheers to anyone who busts out of the mold and makes the world a significantly cooler place! 


Nia Jax- Redefining The Role Model

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Nia Jax- Redefining The Role Model

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