Bidding Farewell to 2017

The countdown is on to ring in 2018, and bid farewell to 2017. Closing one year, and welcoming a new one, has a tendency to make us all pause, reflect, and maybe even get emotional. I firmly believe that if I am to have a blog, it’s important to be open and honest with you, and with myself. So let’s put it all out there… 

2017 has been, for me, one of the toughest years in quite a while. It’s not like other tough years I’ve experienced that were marked by loss or major life events that took a toll. It has been a year of self-doubt, panic attacks, depression, and the realization that I just haven’t been great to myself. One of the toughest things is to know that there are issues, and some of them, you know you could have easily prevented, and others, are beyond your control. Self-sabotage is a tough pill to swallow as is admitting that you just don’t and can’t control everything. 

I know that I’m certainly not the only person dealing with depression or anxiety, and that, in the grand scheme of things, I have it fairly easy on both fronts. But, if you’re reading this, and you feel alone in your struggles, I hope you find some comfort in hearing that you’re not alone, and that it can get better, it will get better, and that none of this is from anything you’ve done wrong. 

As I work to put this year in the rearview, and look ahead to 2018, I want to make myself a priority, and not feel guilt about that. I want to take better care of myself; mind, body, and soul. I want to push myself to love more, laugh more, create more, make all areas of my health a priority, and to challenge myself to grow. If you’re reading this, and you’re up for the challenge, then let’s give it a go together! 

There is so much life to live, so many things to see and experience, and so much work to be done in the world, so let’s get busy. I’m ready, I’m excited, and I can’t wait. Pay close attention 2018- I’m coming for you in the best way, and I’m ready to blaze my own trail, so look out! 


Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy, fun, exciting, downright amazing 2018!

Bidding Farewell to 2017

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Bidding Farewell to 2017

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