Eco Fashion Feature- Rothy’s

It’s not always easy to strike a balance between your love and respect for the environment and your desire to stay on top of trends or express yourself through your personal fashion sense. As today is Earth Day, I thought it would be fitting to highlight an eco-friendly line of shoes.

Meet… Rothy’s

Rothy’s are eco-friendly flats made from recycled water bottles. I’m not sure what I love more- the fact that they help reduce plastic waste, how cute they are, or how easy they are to take care of! Actually, my favorite thing about them is that once these shoes have been worn down, you can recycle the shoes themselves!


Has recycling ever looked this cute?

What is your favorite way to help the environment? Let us know what you have planned today to celebrate Earth Day, and help our planet.

Eco Fashion Feature- Rothy’s

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Eco Fashion Feature- Rothy’s

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