Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant

Christian Siriano is a well-known, well-liked designer, and he has not shied away from dressing folks of all sorts (which is one reason he is so loved). He has even been in the news lately thanks to his recent show at New York Fashion week. Yes, that’s right- without fanfare and hullabaloo, he dared use models of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities in his runway show. Why is this a big deal? Well, in theory, it shouldn’t be, but it somehow always headline news when someone who looks different than your average supermodel takes to the runway. His message is loud and clear without needing to boast- everyone deserves to partake in fashion, be represented, and share the stage. For that, I admire, appreciate, and absolutely adore this young designer.

Well Mr Siriano has once again teamed up with Lane Bryant to make some of his designs even more accessible¬†to the average woman.Pieces range in price from $58-$268, so it still may not be in everyone’s budget, but it is closer to being within the grasp of the average fashion-lover.¬†So feast your eyes, and order up while you still can because these pieces will undoubtedly sell out quickly!




Take a gander at the collection and let me know which pieces you like most! What can you see yourself wearing?


Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant

Heavy Dose of Truth

Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant

Glamour X Lane Bryant

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