Motivational Monday: Positive Presence

I hope that your new year is off to a great start! I know that I am working hard to start 2015 off on a positive note. To be completely honest, I haven’t been in the best place as of late. I’ve been harder on myself than usual, and while I don’t love talking about it (but understand it’s important to do so), I’ve been wrestling with a bout of depression. All of this got me wanting to share a few things with you. There are several places/people I look to on social media to get inspiration. I thought it might be nice to start the New Year off by sharing places with you to find inspiration and positivity whenever you need it. I hope this helps you sometime when you need a smile or to know that there are people cheering you on. 

»These are in no particular order«

Tess Munster/Eff Your Beauty Standards10624576_1034000779958960_7721530824297095717_n

Where do I begin? I learned of Tess about a year and a half ago (I’m often behind the times, to be honest), and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. She is so gorgeous, and is making major waves wherever she goes. Tess is one of the world’s top Plus Size models, a makeup artist, an activist, and the founder of the Eff Your Beauty Standards movement. Portions of proceeds from Eff Your Beauty Standards merchandise goes to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. You can follow Tess on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also scope out her website for merchandise, her portfolio, blog, and much more! 

You Are Beautiful


This You Are Beautiful movement has me giddy! I bought some stickers, keep them in my wallet and love to hand them out when I think someone could use a smile. What’s not to love? The best part is that anyone can afford to partake. Naturally, you can just say the words to anyone. That’s free. There is also a You Are Beautiful online shop where you can buy anything from stickers, stamps, and wrapping paper to street signs! Prices range from $5 to $100, with the majority of items costing $20 and under. There have also been fabulous YAB public art installations to feast your eyes on. The best way I’ve found to feel better is to make someone else feel better. Follow the #yabsticker movement on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well. 

Whitney Way Thore & the No Body Shame Campaign


Whitney danced her way into the spotlight and our hearts nearly a year ago with her Fat Girl Dancing videos on YouTube.


She has since skyrocketed to celebrity status, and has a new reality show debuting soon on TLC, called “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” Whitney also started the No Body Shame campaign. She’s doing her thing, and making a major name for herself, so look out! You should totally check out Whitney’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (and YouTube channel previously mentioned)! And don’t forget the No Body Shame website– you won’t regret it.

Ragen Chastain


Ragen is awesome! She’s a plus size dancer and athlete and she has a lot to say about health at any size. She’s armed with loads of great information, a sassy attitude, and offers no apologies for who she is. She inspires me on so many levels. If you’re on the hunt for some solid reading material, tune into her Facebook page or her blog, Dances With Fat. OH! And let’s not forget her books! See? I told you she was amazing. She offers name your own price for her ebooks because it’s that important to her that folks have access to this material. She’s all kinds of awesome. 

Who inspires you? Where do you go when you need some inspiration? 

Motivational Monday: Positive Presence

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Motivational Monday: Positive Presence

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