Motivational Monday: Community Support

Happy Monday!

Get the tissues ready, you guys. If you don’t, and you get all slobbery all over your work clothes, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I love, love, love Ellen, and I recently watched an episode where I saw something certainly worth sharing. This gives me so much faith in humankind. I’m so thankful for stories that show great people really exist out there in the midst of sad news reports and the craziness in our world.

A firefighter was diagnosed with ALS, and his whole family has decided to embrace the cards they’ve been dealt, and make the best of every moment. On top of that, their whole community has come together to support them, and lend them a hand in major ways. This fella’s fellow firefighters have been taking on extra work shifts for 3 years so he can continue to get a paycheck to help cover his medical expenses. Can you imagine? You’ll have to watch this story. 


“Be kind to one another!”

Motivational Monday: Community Support

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Motivational Monday: Community Support

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