Pucker Up


Did you know that today is National Lipstick Day? No? Well don’t feel bad because I hadn’t the slightest clue until a few minutes ago! How could I have missed this one? I’ll have to put it on the calendar so as to remember for next year. Are you wearing lipstick today? What is your favorite brand and color of lipstick? Admittedly, I’ve only recently discovered a love for the stuff. I’m new to the lipstick game, but it’s such a quick, easy way to add some pizzazz and pop to your look-I’m falling in love. 


Today would certainly be an ideal day to rock some of the styles I featured in my “Getting Lippy” post at the beginning of the month. Check it out! 

lippy1 lippy5

So if you left the house without painting your lips this morning, dig deep down in your purse and find your spare lipstick or gloss, and rock those lips for the rest of the day! Technically, not everyday is National Lipstick Day! 


Pucker Up

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Pucker Up

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