The Big Gunns


Tim Gunn has basically become a household name, and will forever be tied to his catchphrase, “Make it work.”

Tim has been in the news a lot this week, and for reasons I’m thrilled about- he is pushing for a plus size season of Project Runway! Yes, you read that correctly. Sire Gunn is calling for a season of the hit show to use only models who are sizes 12 and up in hopes to drive home the fact that real women want to be, can be, and deserve to be as stylish as typical unrealistic runway models. IMAGINE THAT! 

In past interviews, Gunn has noted from his days at Parsons, that there is minimal consistency in sizing. He brings up the point that, in the fashion industry, sizes are ever-changing. “I’ll use as an example a size 8 dress form,” he told Huffington Post. “When I was at Parsons, we had dress forms from the 1980s and the early 1990s, and when I was there, we bought new dress forms. The difference in the waist size of the 1981 size 8 dress form and the 2001 dress form was two inches – the 2001 being bigger. So what would have been a 12 in the 1980s is in fact an 8 today.”

Naturally, I’m thrilled with this idea of making designers really earn their pinstripes, and create beautiful clothes for the everyday, plus size woman! While this special PR season may not currently be in the works, I sure do hope it happens. 

From us bigger gals: Thanks, Tim! 


The Big Gunns

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The Big Gunns


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