Last Full Day in NYC

So today was the last FULL day in NYC as we fly back to Chicago tomorrow. I’d love to tell you that I went on some grand adventure, but I really didn’t. I think yesterday kind of tuckered me out. I did get a lot more walking in today, but not as much as yesterday. Today, I just kind of picked a direction, and started walking. I made random stops along the way to rest my feet, grab a beverage, and do more people watching. It was nice.

So due to circumstances previously mentioned as well as a few other factors out of my control, some of the things I wanted to cover for the blog didn’t occur this week. I apologize for that. There were folks I wanted to profile, etc., but alas, things seemingly didn’t work out. I know, I know… I’m a huge jerk face and you hate my guts. I understand.

Stick with me! I’ll get working on some new ideas, and do my best to bring you some cool stuff to keep you reading and on your toes!

Happy Friday! I hope you have a lovely, safe weekend!


Today’s photos:

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Last Full Day in NYC

Make It Work

Last Full Day in NYC

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