The Pixie Pants

I’ve been getting a few reader requests and suggestions (and I’m loving it)! I recently heard from a reader and friend who suggested I  take a look at Old Navy’s new Pixie Ankle Pants. She raved about them, and said they are an excellent pant for pretty much any shape and size. Naturally, I had to look into these mysteries gems.

In looking on the Old Navy site, the reviews are all very positive. These pants are seemingly very flattering for everyone. They have the right amount of stretch to them, and they hug your curves.

Have you tried them? I know I’m certainly interested in giving them a shot! If you have given them a try, please let us know what you think! We’d love to know how you’d review these Pixies.

pixies pixie 2 pixie 3

And on a completely unrelated note…

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The Pixie Pants

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The Pixie Pants

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  1. Rebecca schnakenberg

    🙂 I feel famous! I love them. Flattering and just as you said, the right amount of stretch (without looking like you’re wearing stretchy pants). Awesome prints, too.
    Keep on being awesome, WRF!

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