My Top 5 Physical Insecurities (And How I Hide or Highlight Them)

We all have our insecurities, and many of them involve our physical appearance. As I get older, I’m starting to embrace myself for who I am, and learn to love (or at least accept) my assets. Here are the top five things I still find cringe-worthy about my body and the ways I am trying to love, embrace, highlight, and cope with them. 

5. Gnarly feet

When I was in high school, one of my best friends made a joke about my terrible dry, cracked feet (yes, once… way back in high school), and ever since then, I’m hyper sensitive about how my feet look. My whole life, I’ve lived in areas with cold Winters, so dry skin is always an issue. This fix is fairly simple. If you can’t afford regular pedicures, treat your feet at home. Take some time to soak your feet in warm water, and scrub your feet with a foot rasp or pumice stone. Be sure to put a great moisturizing lotion on your feet right after, and put socks on right away. A fresh coat of nail polish for your tootsies always gives your hooves the confidence they need. If I’m not barefoot, I prefer sandals or flats. 

4. Spare tire(s)/Muffin top(s)

I’ve been on the heavier side since… forever. My rolls are always something I’m fearful of showing. I wear tanks or camisoles under pretty much everything. That helps me feel like I’m all secure and everything is tucked in nicely. I also tend to either wear baggy tops, or things fitted at the top that flare at the bottom. I find that accentuating my chest draws attention away from my waistline. 

3. My grill

My teeth are admittedly not the best for a multitude of reasons. I always feel like it’s such a challenge to draw attention away from my mouth (especially since I run it so often), but it’s not as difficult as you would think. Yes, you can and should still smile. When you win folks over with jokes and such, they seem to not even notice the things you dislike about your appearance. If you can’t woo the crowd with your jokes, try a fun lipstick color on for size. You may think it draws attention to your teeth, but that’s not entirely the case. Flashy lipstick can distract from many things. 

2. My legs

No one has seen me in shorts since I was… five years old maybe? Most of my dresses and skirts go past my knees. I’ve never thought the world would want to see my legs. Chubby stems with stretch marks- that’s what I’m dealing with. That being said, I have very strong and muscular calves. How? I have no idea. My calves may very well be the only muscular portion of my body. How do I attempt to embrace my legs? I wear skinny jeans (also my way of attempting to make the world believe I have a booty), and when the weather is warm, I go so far as to wear (cue the gasp) capri pants. I know, I know… I’m a real daredevil. 

1. My swinging arm fat

When I was a little girl, I used to sit on my Grandmother’s lap and play with her ow-swinging arm fat as she watched her “stories” on television.  As I’ve grown older, my fear of people doing the same has grown deeper and deeper. Due to this, I don’t recall a time when I wasn’t fearful of showing my bare arms in public. I’m the girl at a Summer music festival wearing a cardigan. Yes, for ages, I’ve risked heat stroke rather than expose my arms. I still stick to my guns in that way most of the time. That being said, chiffon and sheer tops have been fairly trendy for a while now. I’ve started wearing a lot of sheer tops in warm weather. Sure, the world can mostly see my arms, however, since they feel covered up, my arms aren’t on my mind. I don’t stress about folks seeing my arms. It’s the best of both worlds. Another alternative solution is tops or dresses with flutter sleeves and other fun sleeve options. Stay cool, but be covered enough to feel comfortable and enjoy yourself. 

What are some of your insecurities and how can you start to accept and embrace them? Are you going to continue to hide them, or take a chance and think of ways to highlight them? 

My Top 5 Physical Insecurities (And How I Hide or Highlight Them)

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My Top 5 Physical Insecurities (And How I Hide or Highlight Them)

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