Sassy Shirts

Who doesn’t love clothes that talk back? There’s nothing wrong with a little attitude from time to time, right? Why not go for shirts that sass ya right back? There seems to be a major influx in shirts that literally make a statement.

What do you think? Do you dig these talk-back threads? Would you wear them?

butts  99 problems

Never Trust Tee ($19.99) & I Got 99 Problems Tee ($24.00) from Feminine Funk

ps barbie  no filter

flawless  juicy

Plus Size Barbie Tank ($27.15), #nofilter Tee ($27.25), Flawless Tee ($28.10), & Juicy Curves Tee ($26.10) from Custom Plus

So what are your thoughts? Are you ready to rock any of these sassy shirts?

Sassy Shirts

Blinded By the Bling

Sassy Shirts

Motivational Monday

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