Motivational Monday

Hello all and happy Monday!

Part of my “vision” for this blog is to keep myself and anyone reading this, motivated. It’s always so easy to get tangled up in everyday life and lose ourselves and/or our motivation. It’s not always easy to remain focused and positive with the cacophony of life whirling around us. So… I’m implementing “Motivational Mondays” ’round these parts. It won’t always be the same thing. It could be artwork, a quote, music, and article… whatever I’m finding to be motivational. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m decidedly keeping it simple this week. With the holidays, things tend to get hectic and overwhelming. Keep things as simple as possible. Remember to be kind to yourself. I know this is a very simple concept, but we often lose sight of the most obvious and simplistic concepts in our lives. We over-think, over-analyze, and allow ourselves to get overly stressed.

So… here is your loving and friendly reminder:



be kind

Sending love and wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year overflowing with laughter, love, good health, and all of the adventure you can stand!

Motivational Monday

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Motivational Monday

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