The 5 Essentials

Whether you’re going down a size or up, it can be difficult (and pricey!) to completely revamp your wardrobe. Do you buy comfy clothes for the season and hope for a cool summer? Do you buy that adorable number that’s on sale or a more practical undershirt? Sure those red hot heels look good in the store front but can you wear them all day long at work? You can have it all, ladies, with my tried and true five basic essentials.

1. Go Strapless
Class up a night out by simply going strapless. These tops are very versatile and can be worn with jeans for a night of dancing or a skirt for a more formal party.
2. Max it out!
The Maxi dress is so in right now, and how could you resist? Whether you’re pear, hourglass, or straight framed these dresses make those curves voluptuous. They’re usually short-sleeved or sleeveless, making them great for warmer weather, and the length of the skirt covers those legs for fall temperatures.
3. The Cardigan
A simple black cardigan goes a long, long way! Dress up that short sleeved t-shirt. Make that summer dress fall friendly. This single piece more than doubles your wardrobe. I prefer this 3/4 sleeve, low-cut cardi from Torrid.
4. Basic Jeans
Nothing fancy! In fact, the less you spend, probably the more uses you’ll find for them. I tend to go for a medium to medium-dark washed look with a boot cut. Little to no embellishment on the butt pockets.
5. The Practical Footwear
OK. I know what it’s like to have a shoe fetish. My closet space is 50% dedicated to shoes. However, there is one pair I wear almost everyday, and that is my plain black flats. I can walk in them. I can wear them to work. They go with that little black number that you save in the back of your closet for special occasions. And, best of all, you can find them for under $20.
The 5 Essentials

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The 5 Essentials

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