Santa, Take Note

Bullying was certainly something I had to deal with when I was growing up. It made going to school a chore, and teachers questioned my social intelligence as I didn’t much care for most kids my age… with good reason. Bullies have always been an issue, but it’s currently seen as a bigger issue given the new ways to bully people (given technology), and people just talk about it more than they used to.

My heart aches for anyone who has to get up every morning and face the feeling of being picked on and scrutinized. Luckily, one little girl has her brother on her side. This girl’s twin brother wrote to Santa, and rather than asking for gifts for himself, he requested that Santa help protect his sister. He even went so far as to request that kids pick on him instead.


The boy’s letter is getting a lot of attention. It was even covered by ABC News. Check it out: Dear Santa


brother and sister

Santa, Take Note

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Santa, Take Note

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