Treat Yo’ Self!


‘Tis the season of giving. I think we all get so caught up in helping others, baking goodies, finding that perfect gift for each person on our list, wrapping said gifts beautifully, etc. Often times, during this hectic season, we forget to treat ourselves a bit. As Tom and Donna on Parks and Rec would say, “TREAT YO’ SELF!” There is nothing wrong with doing a little something nice for yourself, which is why…

I’ve decided to give BirchBox a try! It’s my little treat to myself. My very first birch Box is in the mail, and I should have it within the week. I’ll keep you posted on what my thoughts are. I’m slightly non-committal when it comes to stuff like this, so I’ve opted to pay as I go rather than subscribing to a full year of BirchBoxes.

In case you don’t know, for $10 a month, you can send yourself (or anyone else) a BirchBox. These boxes are supposedly jam-packed with high-end makeup samples and other delightful treats. They also offer various limited edition boxes which you can purchase for additional fees. Check out this month’s limited edition delight (very tempting): Snow Day!


So maybe this isn’t exactly how you would treat yo’ self, but don’t be afraid to do something nice for yourself this holiday season! You’ve earned it.

**OH! And… here’s a little tip!** If you follow BirchBox on Facebook, you can enter drawings to win various goodies! FREE STUFF YOU GUYS! My favorite! So check it out! Here is a link to enter the drawing for this week:



Treat Yo’ Self!

Thanks, But No Thanks

Treat Yo’ Self!

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