Thanks, But No Thanks


I think it’s fairly safe to assume that most people heard of the controversy some months back when Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO Mike Jeffries (pictured below) noted that the company hires attractive people because they only want to draw attractive people into their stores. Many were outraged, and vowed to never shop in the AF stores again.


Well apparently AF took notice, and people followed through on their vow to about the chain. AF has now announced that they will be offering select designs in plus sizes… for online purchases only. This “we’ll take your money, but don’t want you to be seen shopping here” message is not exactly the band-aid the company was hoping for. It’s insulting.



Look, here’s where I stand on it (agree or not): AF’s numbers dropped, so they backpedaled. They thought they could throw us all a damn bone and be done with it; appease the masses. Forget it! You belittled consumers, and in an attempt to make up for it (to not save face, but to save bank), you’re offering minimal option in a small range of plus sizes, and only online! You’re telling me that my money is good enough for you, but I’m not. AF’s actions essentially act as a “KEEP OUT!” sign. It’s bull. And… to really top it off, your ad campaign for this new roll out is based around a tag line of “Attractive & Fat?!?” REALLY?!? C’mon! Is that to imply you can’t typically be both? Those two things are mutually exclusive? I could go on and on about how many levels of wrong this entire thing is, but I’ll stop there, and come up for air.


What are your thoughts on this whole Abercrombie situation? Would you shop their online plus size offerings? I’m curious to know your thoughts.


Please just remember that as a consumer, you are in the position of power. Where and what you buy matters. Whether you agree with my stance or not is beside the point. The point is that you send a clear message when you make a purchase or go out of your way to make sure folks don’t spend their money somewhere specific.

And again, please share your thoughts! I love hearing what you have to say about these topics!




Thanks, But No Thanks


Thanks, But No Thanks

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