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Today, as I made my way through my first workout in (longer than I care to admit)… a while, I thought about plus size workout wear (or gear). First and foremost, I don’t feel as though plus size women have many solid choices when it comes to gym attire. I can only assume that us larger ladies are supposed to be either nudist gym rats, OR it’s expected that we will just dawn our ratty old sweats. Well I’m no nudist (you can rest easy) and I hate sweats!

Secondly, the minimal options seemingly readily available, don’t put pep in my step. I’m working out to feel good; to be healthy. While I am not going to the gym to meet men or anything, I do want to feel good, maybe even confident. I’m there because my end goal is to improve the way I feel! So… why should I wear boring or unflattering gym clothes while everyone else gets to wear trendy new athletic threads? It’s a bit ridiculous.

Last, but certainly not least, budget. You know this is a big one for me. We aren’t all made of money, and we might not be able to shell out major dough to be on trend at the gym (or anywhere else for that matter). How does a plus size woman workout in the gym while staying on trend, and without having to take out a damn loan to do it?

Well, that’s a stellar question!

As always, shop around! Look everywhere. I mean it. Target, Yard Sales, Your local plus size clothing boutique, your friend’s closet… wherever you can! Sometime you have to put in a little leg work, but it’s typically worth it. Also, never be afraid to make something for yourself! Check out this tutorial on how to make your own gym-worthy top from an old t-shirt you have laying around!




Here are a few of my favorite easy-to-find (in stores or online) gym looks that don’t require you to be wealthy. I hope you enjoy.


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Old Navy actually has some pretty great women’s plus size active wear. I really like the look of these Women’s Plus Skirted Compression Capris.  I also like this Women’s Plus Active top. Check out the Old Navy site… they just might have something for you. And for a reasonable price!


I’m kind of in love with this Printed Tank by Reebok available at Lane Bryant. Prices of LB workout gear ranges fairly widely, so look at everything, and sort by price on the website if need be. I’m also kind of smitten with this Perforated Baseball Tee, which is maybe more towards the higher end of the price spectrum.


pr_191647_SP  perforated-tee


If you’re feeling like splurging a smidge for your workout gear, I would recommend checking out Cult of California for something like the Neon Moto Jacket shown below. The jacket is $55.00 and it ranges in sizes from 8/10 to 28/30. A fun and vibrant option!


Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 10.34.56 AM


Even if any of these looks are out of your desired price range, don’t fret! There are TONS of options out there! REALLY! I promise you. I like to wait for and shop sales, and I have also had some good luck with Target, Avenue, and many others. You just have to hit the ground running, and find what fits you and your budget best. You can still express your personality and style at the gym! Have fun with it.

Workout Wear


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