Dress For Your Size: A Rant & Personal Pep Talk

Lately (and more than ever), I’ve been getting bombarded with seemingly targeted ads for articles on how to dress for my size. Stop. No, seriously, please, for the love of all things decent, stop. If you’re looking to “learn how to dress for your size” or “how to dress for your shape,” I can help you out! I’m your girl, and I’m here for you.

Step 1. Look through your clothes. 

Step 2. Pick out an outfit (preferably one that makes you feel fantastic).

Step 3. Apply said above outfit to your body. 

Step 4. Walk through your day as your own damn self, and rock the hell out of whatever it is you decided to wear. 

Step 5. Stop dressing for other people. 

I know I’m likely preaching to the choir here, but we all need to pitch in and help each other get used to the idea that there is no right or wrong when it comes to personal fashion. You are the only one who gets to walk around in your body. No one else should have a say over what you do with that body, including, but far from limited to, how you choose to dress it!

So how do we stop the madness? It’s a very simple concept, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds; we don’t give it. Don’t click on those ads on Facebook trying to draw you in, put down those fashion magazines that try to give you tips on how to dress and how to please your man, and work hard to stop letting other people’s ideals dictate how you adorn your bod.


The human body is an absolute wonder, and we’re all lucky to live in one. My new approach when I’m feeling down about my looks or weight or any number of things, is to think of the amazing things my body does every day, every minute, every second. All of the things that have to function in tandem to keep me breathing and moving… it helps put so many things in perspective.

So if you like to wear short skirts or long kaftans, or you feel sexy in a bikini, or maybe overalls are your jam… rock it! You are all kinds of amazing, even in the most basic, scientific way. Take everything else that makes you awesome out of the equation, and at the root of it, you’re still a stunning miracle.

Dress For Your Size: A Rant & Personal Pep Talk

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Dress For Your Size: A Rant & Personal Pep Talk

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