How a Show in Vegas Made Me Feel Human

As a woman of substantial size, I’m used to feeling uncomfortable- people’s stares, tight spaces, people’s snickering, and so on. My husband and I are just back from a belated honeymoon. We drove from Chicago to Vegas and back again. I’m planning a post about the entire trip, but something happened in Vegas that confirmed good people exist, and there is a place in the world where plus size woman are more than a target for mockery.

When planning our trip, my one major request was that we go see Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Love.’ We got great tickets well in advance, and I’d been counting down the days. I could not have been more excited… until I got to my seat. I was all dressed up and feeling good about myself, and I had to squeeze into my seat. My (new) skirt got ripped on the cup holder of my seat as I sat down. I cried. Not just about the skirt, but because I’m sick of always having  to worry about whether or not I’ll fit in- literally and figuratively.

After trying to get it together, and just give in to the fact that I would be uncomfortable for the entirety of the show, an amazing usher came over to me, and sat next to me. She quietly said “Hi there! I hate to be nosey, but I noticed that you seem uncomfortable, and wanted to offer you a different seat. We have these seats closer to the front that have more elbow room, and are just more comfortable. Would it be okay if I took you down there?”

Naturally, the tears came again as I was moved by her kindness, and it felt as though the Universe had heard my prayers. We got to our new seats, and they were amazing! I had room to move and not feel like a clumped up ball of uncomfortable. As I started to settle in, this amazing, kind woman came back over, and brought me some napkins to wipe my tears.

We sat through what was likely the best show I’ve ever seen in my life, and at the end of it, the same beautiful usher, had one more surprise for me. During the curtain call, she came over and handed me a souvenir program from the show! I cried. Again. After a few minutes of being able to process the entire experience, I went back to the theatre to talk with the front of house manager so I could sing this woman’s praises. He promised that he would call out her good deeds to the entire staff and give her a round of applause. I asked if there was anything else I could do for her- I just wanted to make her feel as special as she made me feel. The manager gave me the contact info for the manager of the theatre for the hotel. I hope that manager gets my email and she gets some sort of kudos because she transformed my personal experience, and made sure I left that show really feeling the love.

How a Show in Vegas Made Me Feel Human

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How a Show in Vegas Made Me Feel Human

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