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Prime chub rub season is upon us. If your thighs kiss, and you don’t have the ever prized “thigh gap,” you know exactly what I’m talking about. Inner thigh chaffing can be painful and put a real damper on things, but it is preventable, and you don’t necessarily have to rely on the ol’ trusty bike shorts- that can get hot, sweaty, and just downright uncomfortable.

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Silky Underwear Dusting Powder from Lush runs for $7.95. Rub some of this delightful powder on your inner thighs before getting dressed. This powder contains grated cocoa butter which will melt and help make your thighs silky smooth.

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Bandelettes are fairly new on the scene, and are getting some solid reviews. They are a cute, somewhat sexy way to protect your thighs without having to wear a full set of shorts. 

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They sell for $15.99, and come in a solid range of colors, designs, and sizes. 


Bodyglide for Her is an anti-chafing skin protectant. You can find it at R.E.I. for $8.00. Fits in your bag (as you can see- looks similar to deodorant), so it’s great on the go. 

monkey butt

Lady Anti Monkey Butt is a powder with a base of cornstarch and calamine to help absorb moisture and work as a friction barrier. It can be found at many drugstores and typically runs around $5.99.

soothing care

Monistat Soothing Care Powder-Gel runs somewhere in the $10.00 range and can be found in most drugstores, and even on Amazon. It’s meant to both relieve and prevent chaffing. It’s fragrance- free and helps reduce redness.


Other Chub Rub Remedies

Naturally, everyone has their own home remedies for practically everything. Inner thigh chaffing is no different. Here are some of the at home suggestions I’ve read about:

♦ Cooking Spray

◊ Coconut Oil

♦ Baby Powder

◊ Deodorant

♦ Chapstick



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