Earth Day Projects

Happy Earth Day!

earth day

As it’s Earth Day, and you all love ideas for DIY projects, I thought it might be a great day to offer up a few crafty ideas on ways to recycle your wardrobe and create something new. 


This Braided Rhinestone Necklace project comes from Honestly WTF, and is a great idea of those old necklaces that break. You may not be able to re-string it, but you can breathe new life into an old broken piece, and get a new statement necklace out of it!

flip flops

Have you ever had an old pair of cheap flip flops and the top part (or “thong”) pops out or breaks? This is a great way to use the sole of the flip flops and create something new. I bet you could even braid strips of an old scarf or shirt to make the straps for this crafty idea from Indulgy.

For a look at some environmentally-safe products, check out last year’s Earth Day post! Also, don’t forget to swing by the WRF Pinterest page for more DIY Fashion ideas and so much more! 

Earth Day Projects

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Earth Day Projects

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