Make Way For Tess

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As a sassy little girl, I loved posing for photos and daydreaming about being a model. I think many little girls let their minds wander to that place. It didn’t take long for the world to get into my head and train me to believe that ME being a model would NEVER happen. A big girl finding success and being admired for her beauty? It’s just not anything that seemed feasible to me for the longest time. Sad, but true. 

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(Mini moi and my idea of posing)

Pan to 20+ years down the road when I start a little blog and open my eyes to a world of empowered, stunning, happy, and GORGEOUS curvy, plus size women! Holy smokes. I’m floored. You’ve seen me mention Tess Munster before. I adore her. I’m inspired by her, and I just think she is so brilliant. 

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Well… as you may have heard (or read) already this week, Tess landed herself a contract with world famous MiLK Management! She’s getting major coverage in the media, even being featured on CNN this week. I’m so thrilled for her, and so inspired! She is paving the way for so many, and inspiring folks in a major way. I wish her all the very best. So deserving!

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Congrats, Tess! 

Make Way For Tess

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Make Way For Tess

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