Motivational Monday: Like A Girl

Hey there and happy Monday to you all! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. 

Recently, the Dad of one of my pals posted this video on his Facebook page. I watched it, and got teary-eyed. Yes. This. Why can’t “run like a girl” mean “win the race?” At what point did being who we are, become a negative thing? Own it, rock it, kick butt, be you. I was born a female. Being a female is a mere fraction of what and who I am. Being a female doesn’t dictate how I do things. 


I think this is something everyone should be talking about. Yes, even men- especially men! Please watch this video and work hard to not let yourself or others feel bad about who they are or things they can’t control. 


Learn more about this movement and campaign at

What is it you do #LikeAGirl ?

Let’s get this conversation started. I want to hear from you!


Motivational Monday: Like A Girl

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Motivational Monday: Like A Girl

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