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If you’re anything like me, you’re painfully attached to your smart phone. I remind myself to be in the moment and enjoy things- be present. That being said, us technology addicts can find it difficult. Here’s where some cool new technology comes into play!

Ringly Saves The Day!


Ringly is an 18 karat matte gold and precious or semi-precious ring that connects to your phone (iOS AND Android) and sends you custom notifications through light and vibrations. This is no joke! These beauties are now available for pre-order, and will set you back $145. 00- $260.00 (see site for pricing specifics).


Here’s a bit more about how Ringly works:


Not gonna lie… I am so excited about this concept! I’ll be begging for one of these- you can bet on it. 

Visit for more details!

ringly 4 ringly 3 ringly 1 ringly 2

Can you see yourself rocking one of these beauties? If so, which one would you go for? 

Do you like this concept? WRF would love to hear your thoughts!


Trendy Technology

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Trendy Technology

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