Kimono Craze Part Two

I can’t help myself. I’m so in love with this kimono trend, and see it as a fun nod to 70’s style… I had to go for a sequel. Please don’t hold it against me. Check out Kimono post one if you missed it.

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Alice and You Embroidered Kimono– $74.95, Print Kaftan Midi Dress– $77.00, & Lace Kimono Jacket– $32.50 from SimplyBe


Kimono– $34.95 from H&M

k44 kdress k55

Botanical Print Kimono– $85.74, Bird Print Kimono Maxi Dress– $133.38, & Fringing and Embroidery Kimono– $104.80 from ASOS


Kylie Floral Print Kimono– $19.99 from Fashion to Figure

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For these and other kimono trends, check out our Kimono Craze Board on Pinterest!

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Kimono Craze Part Two

Prom Queen

Kimono Craze Part Two

Louis C.K.

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