Prom Queen

I remember my proms… I went to three. I was underwhelmed back in the day as to how few options I had. It was such a frustrating search for me. Of course, we never would have thought we could purchase a prom dress online… we went from store to store in New Hampshire, and I even tried things on that I knew I would hate because I just didn’t have the options other girls had (I know, right? Woe is me… up hill both ways, etc). Luckily, the plus size prom queens of the future are a bit better off. Endless trendy, vibrant, fun options!

What would I pick if I had to go to a prom this year? I’m so glad you asked (I was looking for an excuse to look at dresses and gowns)! Here are my picks:

sparkle front  sparkle back

A-Line/ Princess Prom Dress with Beading from JJ’s House- $182.99

purple short gown

Metallic Peacock Party Dress from Pacific Plex- now on sale for $64.99

black short:long gown

Night Moves Prom Dress from $378.00

short mint dress

Dressystar Short Lilac Dress (comes in a plethora of colors) from Amazon- $153.99

purple gown  white beaded

Beaded Maxi Dress ($199.00) &  Short Embellished Prom Dress ($185.00) from SimplyBe


*This is a pre-order only item, but it was so fun, I still had to share it*

Spring Green Beaded Chiffon High-Low Dress from Unique Prom- $310.00


Do not be afraid to shop clearance racks and think outside the box. You don’t need to go to prom in a traditional Cinderella gown. Play with colors and styles. I know that I always say this, but you need something that suits your personality. Be true to yourself. Another budget tip is to make your own. Seriously. A few tailor-wise friends of mine made amazing prom dresses for themselves. If you’re a wiz with scissors and a sewing machine, rock it out! 

Prom Queen

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Prom Queen

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  1. Liz Vnaderneut

    I could see you wearing that embelished, white dress… and rockin’ it. These are all super cute, and would look great on just about any figure. I really enjoyed today’s blog.

    1. Keri

      Hey thanks, Liz! You made my day. Thank you for the compliment on the post AND how I’d rock that fun dress! You’re the best. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and like the styles. Cheers to you!

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