Pagan Poetry- Part Two


Last month around this time, we showed you a few selections from Domino Dollhouse’s new Pagan Poetry Collection. Well that was just part one of the collection! Part two of the collection is now up on their site, and I wanted to show you what I’ve put on my mental wish list (and no, this isn’t everything in the collection)! 

Δ ∇ Δ

studdedhatwedcl  6327_TOOIMG-1437

Studded Floppy Hat– $29.99


Floral Swirly Girl Sunglasses– $9.99


Killing Moon Crop Top– $29.99


Witches Cuff– $12.99


Spellbound Skirt– $64.99


Like Tears in Rain Dress– $74.99

Δ ∇ Δ

You can see the full collection here on the Domino Dollhouse website. I highly doubt I’ll get everything on my wishlist, but a girl can always dream. 

What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

Pagan Poetry- Part Two

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Pagan Poetry- Part Two

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