Interview Attire

This week, I found myself thrust back into the land of job interviews. Need I say more? Maybe it’s just me, but just the term “job interview” throws me into panic mode. I find it so stressful. What do you wear? How do you seem confident without sounding like an arrogant jerk? I mean… my head just spins.

For this particular job, I was told that the workplace is extremely casual. Denim shorts and flip-flops kind of casual. Fine by me! That being said, I wanted to confirm what my attire should be for the interview, and I wasn’t sure they would be prepared to see me in flip-flops and shorts (I don’t actually own shorts) just yet. When I asked for clarification, sighting that I didn’t “want to be embarrassed by showing up in an evening gown,” I was told to wear “professional casual.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I kid you not, I googled it. Don’t judge me. I can feel you judging me.

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Of course, it was nice pants or “slacks” with a t-shirt and blazer or something of the sort. I haven’t worked in a professional environment in… well… ever, I suppose! Also, I don’t have the funds right now to just pop out and buy what I need to wear for the next day (*looking for a job), so I had to think quickly on my feet. I talked it over with my Mom, my boyfriend, Facebook, one of my best pals, etc. The general consensus was that I wear a nice dress, leggings, and a cardigan. Maybe dress it up with a fun necklace. That is exactly what I did.

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Now that the interview is over, and I’ve had time to reflect, I think one of the main things to keep in mind is that you need to be comfortable. There is a good chance that you will be nervous. Being nervous AND uncomfortable is a recipe for disaster. Wear something that looks great, but has the ability to let you stay as relaxed and focused as possible. If you’re Spanx are keeping you from breathing, that’s an issue. Breathing is important. Vital, even.

Also, be yourself. If you a someone with a vibrant personality, don’t be afraid to show that by wearing fun colors. Your future employer should know what they’re gonna get when they add you to the team. And if they don’t like you, someone else will. Wear something that fits within the perimeters of proper interview attire, but that also showcases who you are.

You’ve got this. If I can do it, you can do it. Go out there and rock it!

Interview Attire

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Interview Attire

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