Motivational Monday

Why hello there! Happy Monday!

I apologize for being so quiet this weekend. I had a day of complete and utter laziness on Saturday, and Sunday was spent in the form of a fantastic girls day with my Mom. If you get the chance to see The Monuments Men, please do. A fantastic cast, amazing story, and a brilliant reminder that art is important and worth fighting for. I digress…

Today’s motivational quote comes from Marilyn Monroe. While this may be a bit ironic coming from someone who changed her name, and re-invented herself, it’s still a great point. Simply put, be yourself. It’s who you were meant to be. Embrace it, love it, run with it.


Resist the urge to conform to what other people want or expect you to be.  Being yourself is pretty damn powerful.

Here’s hoping you all have an amazing week!

Motivational Monday

Be Mine

Motivational Monday

Intergalactic Delights

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