Crop Tops

Women everywhere (of all shapes and sizes) are taking a bit off the top. That’s right… everyone is loving crop tops these days! Body shape and size be damned! Everyone is rocking this trend, and I love the confidence factor. I am not quite there with my confidence level, but I get so much joy from the fact that other plus size women are embracing the style, and looking fantastic doing it! They are versatile and they are here in a major way! So if you’re up for it, get out there, take a bit off the top, and do your thing! As always, do what you’re comfortable with, and throw all of “the rules” our of the damn window.

crop top


Black Cropped Top from Zelie For She- $30.00

crop top 2

Wild Roses Crop Top from Fashion to Figure- $26.50

skirt and top

Color Block Mesh Crop Top With Pencil Skirt Set from Pink Club Wear- $50.95

crop 3

Show Off Sequined Top from Forever 21 Plus- $24.80

A few things to keep in mind when sporting the crop top:

When looking into the plus size crop top, I came across a few tips that might help you ease on in to the crop top end of the pool. 

 ♦ Crop tops tend to be made of the stretchier of material options, so don’t be afraid to try on smaller sizes than you might otherwise try. Shop around, and don’t limit yourself in that area.

 ♦ Experiment with your comfort level. If you are nervous about showing skin, show a sliver of skin, or even none at all! Crop tops work really well with high-waisted skirts and pants, so you can be (and are always) in control of what you are comfortable showing. If need be, you could even play around with the idea of wearing a tank top under the crop top or a sheer top over (or under) to adjust to your comfort level.

♥Again, it’s fashion, and despite what you’ve been told for ages, there are no rules… no matter your size, shape, color, etc. Just have fun with it!♥

Crop Tops


Crop Tops


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