Mind The Gap!

Hello all and happy Friday!

So what’s big in news this week? The infamous “Thigh Gap!” It’s true… ridiculous, but true.

Beauty, style, and health being judged based on whether or not there is a gap between your thighs when you stand straight. And this concept has been gaining major media attention… you may have even seen a segment about it on your local news.

Here is what plus size model Robyn Lawley has to say about the thigh gap craziness on Ellen this week:


What are your thoughts on this issue? I’d love to know what you’re thinking.

My thoughts? Don’t mind the gap! We all have plenty to worry about in life, and there will always be new ways for people to try to bring you down. Focus on what you love about yourself, what makes you feel good, and what makes you unique and beautiful. Embrace those things, accentuate those things, and rock the hell out of whatever it is you’re putting forth.


Enjoy your weekend!


Mind The Gap!

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Mind The Gap!


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